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Aug. 15, 2012

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Who Really Single-Handedly Brought America Down?
When will someone talk about how the Republicans singlehandedly brought down this country? Stand up and admit that it is a race-based promentalbackwashpsychosis that has twisted your loyalties and stops you from carrying out the duties you were elected to perform for this country- it has made you crazy, and crazy for all to see. This race-based promentalbackwashpsychosis has made your Republican heart and mind turn against America, your country- this is treasonous" and that you do it just to make the President, a black man, seem incompetent, makes you crazy. If you think that what you've done (not done) has helped this country your simply still in that race-based promentalbackwashpsychosis, and you really need to pull your head out of you behind- the smell is bad and in a group, it is overwhelming- it's no wonder your doing crazy things.
President Obama has rightly and repeatedly reached across the isles for your support. He has utilized and incorporated many Republican suggestions and how did they respond? The Republican Party voted against almost ever-single thing the President offered to move the country forward. The Jobs Act, the Stimulus Package, the 911 Healthcare bill, the Pentagon Spending, Collective Bargaining for Emergency Workers, Senior Citizens Relief Act, the Paycheck Fairness Act, the automotive bailout, healthcare for everyone, they voted against infrastructure bills, against tax credit for small business- everything that they used to do easily. They voted for a war without paying for it, they voted for the rich-people tax cuts in 2001 without paying for it. They obstructed, filibustered, slowed- till it all but stopped, everything. They caused the national debt, caused the country to loose its good credit rating, and even in these times, having so much more than the other 99 percent, they refuse to even consider paying their fair share- they are crazy.
They took a vow, and pledged allegiance to a person, over the country they swore to protect and defend. Is this not clearly treason?
Is this not hypocrisy, America? Republicans really have single handedly brought down this country trying to bring down a Black man- is that not crazy? Is that not a race-based promentalbackwashpsychosis? Well it looks like it to me! Wake up America, the patients are trying to run the asylum. The kids have taken the car (again) and are trying to drive it over the cliff (like Star Trek's young James Kirk) and they truly believe it's the right thing to do- yeah, tear up your stuff. I say: "kick they little ass," damn some "time-out." I say: "put something on them that they will remember 100 years from now." Or lets go the Bible on them and don't "spare the rod and spoil the child." Put your foot in that ass with all the love you've got in you. They deserve the red carpet treatment, the best that you can muster, so be the adult and give it to them, they're begging for it America" Amen!

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I couldn't agree with you more, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and these Republicans, if they have their way America will go down in flames. The tender will be provided by all the destruction their policies will (and do) cause. They will willfully toss our All-American carcass into the burning flames (actually they will get someone else to do it- a hired hand probably) while they go back to the mansion on the hill and complain about the wafting smoke from barbecue blocking their view. Then have the police arrest you (the survivors) for disturbing the peace-and you will go-to-jail: remember that's been privatized too, and they will make more money off your hide and try to keep you there forever you moneymaker. It's called "free labor... Servitude... The new chattel slavery," and they want us all in it, 100% participation and doing all they can to get it that way.
I am terrified and you should be too, knowing the lengths crazy, rich white men have gone to in America's troubled past. It should be easy to see their craziness- they leave so many clues. And these days they are blatantly strangling our American carcass to death all the while telling us ''It's ok, you can trust me, I'm with you"- then you find yourself dead. You don't have to believe me. Don't take my word for it. Just look at who's taking your house or out sourced your job. Hell, in a minute you won't even be able to vote if they get their way. Which brings me to my point: What will happen if you let them go unchecked, if you keep on going around with these blinders on trying not to get involved? That newest Batman movie comes to my mind, and you see what they went through. Yeah, yeah I know, it's just a movie- right! The vision that see is based simply on what they (crazy rich white men) have already done in the past (both recent and historically) and that demands that I recognize that I'm/we're being set-up, ripped off, played for the fool, by professional con artist, snake-oil salesman, flem-flam-men, grifters, crooks, thieves, lying ass criminals ... trying to pick the American pocket again cause they (Republicans) sees us middle class Americans as an easy mark. It's no wonder too; they've pulled this one many times before and know it to work. It's a tried and true technique and all their friends know the steps well. I am scared, really scared. Scared that we won't be able to stop them again because they keep on using their great wealth and influence to advance their cause of keeping us under their foot, keeping us in bondage until they can get us in chains. I know what the Indians must have felt like now, watching all they have get taken away and there was nothing they could do about it. Wake up America. Get it together, and get it together quickly or you too will loose it all. And speaking as someone who does not have a lot myself but I don't want to loose the little I have either. So lets get together and work this out. Someone's out to get us America, and it's not peace!

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