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June 17, 2012

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I respectfully disagree. My high school, where I graduated in '93, always had two armed police officers present. Our school routinely had over 1,500 students on campus and our graduating class had in excess of 500 students. Everyone knew the officers by name and it was a great lesson in that the police force was there to protect us. In my hometown, it was the police mandate that any population of people congregated over a certain number had to have a police officer present.

The cop or guard could have called the state police and could have bought significant time and mitigate the assult on the school. Cops and armed guards have schooling in crisis management and even veterans know how to shoot around body armour.

The NRA recommended the same thing, but misjudged completely the sentiment of most of its members of congress in their outrage. 30 round clips should be outlawed, it's that simple, and there should be an amnesty exchange.. An ar-15 should never have more capacity than an armed cops' weapon. Whats wrong with that common sense?

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Wow, if convicted, she will never be able to vote republican ever again and a felony fraud record to explain to every employer. Just watch the judge make an example of her. I can't wait to hear her defence statement. I hope she gets a republican cell mate.

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Will all due respect to the author, Bob Jack, I agree that Iran has been building up it's nuclear program for enriched uranium. From that point forward we couln't disagree more. Mr. Jack seems to think we are just sitting in the grass permitting Iran to go full production. I've got a couple points for you Bob, USA has had first strike capability in Turkey, Isreal, and others from the sixties. Iran has been studied for more than 50 years as an enemy.

Do you recall iran contra, WTC bombing, Iranian Embassy, etc, so to say that USA is not ready and Obama is not ready to take military action, is really simple minded in your incitingly alarmist attitudes. I mean we were even involved in the Iran/Iraq war so please Mr. Jack, do your homework sir.

Here is where we really should be concerned, a loose pakistani weapon or other medium grades of uranium to make terroristic dirty bombs, or IEDs. The concern is the weapons that cannot be tracked or traced.

There is simply no way Iran would attack Isreal and radiate the entire arab world and that is even assuming they could pull it off. Why? the fall out flows east to the arab world. Dirty bombs are local.

Iran has always been in the cross hairs, always, Obama green lighted the bin Laden kill because it was priority one, i would have thought as an American, you would have agreed with that.

I understand you are a Romney lover Mr. Jack, but how about giving a little love to the CIA and the Pentagon who are really monitoring and controlling the Iranian issue. You are out if your league Mr. Jack but you are in good company with Mr. Romney.

On a side note, I am pretty sure the CIA, Pentagon and the FBI would not have let Obama become commander in chief if he was not given a full background check and top security clearence as a natural born citizen. This vetting would have been done under a Republican administration of George W. Bush. Donald Trump and the birthers should put their brains behind their brawn.

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The problem is only handbillers not peddlers. I think anyone can agree that offering factory sealed bottled water is a benefit to all involved. Some jurisdictions do require street vender permits. Las Vegas should do the same. Buskers and celebrity impersonators ought to be required to hold a permit as well. The permit could be a nominal fee for cost recovery. The police have the right to enforce and demand to see the permit. No permit and you get sent packing, get caught again you are arrested.. It keeps the whole process honest because then the police can enforce distances between venders such that the sidewalk becomes unsafe by creating undue obstructions. I mean this can be a real safety issue.

The approach to hand bills is even easier. Each handbiller is required to have a permit. Give the public a way to opt out of being approached from handbillers. Even though we all know the real problem is the escort industry, this same proposal should be all encompassing including charity collection, religious pamphlets, tine share/condo "free shows!" i honestly could go on and on, the list is as long as the strip itself!

Hand-billing distances can be put under the county ordinance and enforced.

Now for the real deal...have an option for the public to opt out of receiving handbills or physical outreaching offers and verbal offers. If the public makes a refusal gesture and the handbiller persists, then they are nabbed by the police for aggressive tactics. Make the fine steep... $1000 comes to mind or 60 days community service, the judge gets to choose!

You could even put into law that if a no solicitation pin is worn then you are totally opting out for even being approached. This gives police something to act on without infringing on first ammendment rights of the handbiller. This serves everyone well:

- It creates a better atmosphere and order on the sidewalks
- It offers a solution to agressive peddling and handbillers
- It still gives the individual the option to approach the vender if they opt to do so.

The fact is handbillers are extremely aggressive, if they cant take no for an answer they should be thrown in jail. If they are offering illegal services, or worse still, adult services to minors, they should be thrown in jail. Creating a public nusance is an offense so is dissorderly conduct. Broaden those definitions in the criminal code to curb agressive handbilling.

Clark county needs real leadership and this law should be county wide. You cant hide behind the first ammendment issue. There are ways to criminalize agressive behavior.

The last stance should be towards pan handeling. Like most cities, most panhadlers make an astonishing income doing this. Ask any police officer and they will tell you that this overwhelmingly goes to drugs and alcohol.

Give your dollars and change to the food bank. This will help the truely needy.

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