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Jan. 13, 2008

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First of all, if an investigation of any sort has been started, they don't announce that to the whole world. Take a deep breath, people.

Second, I almost choked when I read the part about calling Elko DA Gary Woodbury.

He, like Jim Gibbons, was part of the Shovel Head, I mean Shovel Brigade up there. You gotta remember it. Fight the feds! Yeah!

Gary Woodbury is the guy who stated in a County Commission meeting that Elko businesses should refuse selling gasoline and food to US Forest Service employees. He is not going to stage a legitimate grand jury to look in to the Gibbons tax break. Mark my word.

Here's a link to the story about Woodbury urging a boycott against Forest Service employees and their families:

And here's good ole Jim fighting against the lowly bull trout in Elko County for the Shovel Heads, er Brigade:

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This is just what Sheldon Adelson ordered!

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Idiots like Gibbons and Senator Bob Beers are on a mission to make Nevada a no tax state fit only for corporations who now have more civil rights then most human beings.

They don't want our education or government to be healthy. Afterall, rich, white old casino owners don't need educated, healthy workers who drive on safe streets to get to work. At $8. an hour, they are all easily replaced.

Shame on these Neanderthals with their fake conservative philosophies!

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Only in this state are public services treated like scum of the earth. Every *ssh*t wants education but doesn't want to pay for it. Every conservative *ssh*t likes to create a fake image and philosophy that is designed to harm the overall functioning of this State. What fecking grand-standing fools. Nevada will surely be at the very bottom of every list in the country soon and the jobs will leave with it.

(Suggest removal) 7/3/08 at 6:52 p.m.

I guess Gibbons and Raggio have secretly agreed to reduce the education level to less than 8th grade so that the casino moguls have plenty of dumb people to work low wage casino jobs and serve in McCain's and Sheldon Adelson's 100 year wars with Iran, Iraq and everyone else outside of the borders of Israel in the Middle East. Smart move, conservatives.

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