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February 25, 2017

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Sept. 25, 2012

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First Congrats on Cent upsetting Arbor. But I felt Arbor lost the game Cent did not win it, every time Arbor had a opportunity to do something big they blew it with a sack, fumble, interception and just plain bad play calls...(Pass on 4th with 2 to go for first, really?!) I also agree with Leaf the wind seemed against them. It would of been cool to see Gorman at Arbor for the region Champion game...anyway,
Good Luck to Cent for the Gorman game though!

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I agree with Coach Earl, If Arbor and Liberty want to prove who is the best team they both need to fight their way to state. Yes, that means Arbor View will have to take down Gorman in the playoffs to get there. But I believe the aggies can do it.

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I like the Arbor View Vs. Liberty and Eldorado Vs. Sierra Vista idea they had instead of the normal schedule.

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