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April 16, 2008

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Clyde Perkins: Yeah he called the police who told him to back off and not follow the kid. And Zimmerman didn't back off...he kept following him.

I predict that Zimmerman will dead within five years. Either someone is going to do him in...or he'll end up killing himself because his life sucks.

I view this kinda like a bar fight. In a bar fight..when one person ends of dead..more often than not someone goes away for manslaughter at the very least.

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I agree with the letter writer. Except I don't think God is going to save us from screwing up the planet. God gave us free will...and that includes screwing up the planet.
I predict within the next 75 to 100 years that more than half the human population will disappear. The reason(s) will be from, lack of fresh water, wars over natural resources (ie fresh water), famine and most likely some horrible disease.
Bring it on. The planet is way overpopulated with human beings.
I did my part..I didn't have children. I know I would not want to be born in todays world...therefore I would not subject my offspring to this type of fate.

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I had a friend who grew the peaceful county of Santa Cruz county, CA.
Cops (Marijuana Enforcement Team)come to his house...he was home, Cops told him they suspected marijuana was being grown at the home, Cops ask if they could they come in and look around. My friend asked if they had a warrant. Cop said no. My friend said no you can't come in. The cop told the other cop..go get the warrant. In the meantime my friend sat outside with one cop, chatted a bit..while the other went and got said warrant. Cop comes back with warrant..they search...find what they were looking for. Take my friend to jail..he calls someone out w/in 5 hrs. No SWAT team or HAZ MAT team busting in doors.
Fact is if they want a warrant they can get one over the phone. Fact #2 Cops especially in Clark County Nevada are out of control.

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I think what is that everybody thinks everybody is equal. We are not equal...never have been never will be.

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Unbelievable (but not really...).
The Constitution is doesn't mean Cr&* anymore.
And I agree 100% with TrueAmericanPatriot...
Henderson Police Department doesn't want me on this jury (sorry taxpayers..).

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