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February 25, 2017

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May 23, 2013

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A good general knows not only how to fight, but which battles to fight. For those of you who do not support the bill please do the rest of us a favor and just shut up. I am tired of the whining. Yes, taking away home growing is absolute BS. But the only way we will be able to change that is by making our presence known. And that is done by passing this bill, opening dispensaries, standing together by forming a political action committee and lobby for policy changes in the next legislative session. This is not done by killing a great bill because of one amendment. You are seeking to take away any potential power and voice that we are due to recieve because we can't grow a couple plants at home? They want to give you massive growing permits! Buy one if you are that good at it. If you cant afford it, then band together with a couple of other activists, start a company and go for it. This is called "going into business" and it is how a modern capatilistic society opperates these days. Deal with it.... Personally I find cannabis growing to be time consuming, expensive and frustrating. Most patients prefer to go shop at a dispensary because of the overwhelming variety and quality of medicine available. The fact that the local mmj community has "split" on this issue is ridiculous and borderline hilarious. Stand together or be swept under the rug by those who seek to destroy out cause. By the way don't forget your Tye dye shirts and your obviously well thought-out comments the next time you speak to the assembly/senate. I'm sure they will listen to what you have to say hahaha:)

-Born and raised Nevadan

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