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February 22, 2017

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Sept. 29, 2009

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As a Nevada resident, I personally see this as a "must have" project for UNLV and Las Vegas. Not only do I think the revenue potential for the city, county, and state is enormous, but I think the potential impact on education quality in Nevada is significant.

If the UNLV Now project will reform the image of campus, include more on-campus housing and retail, and promote more of a "traditional campus" environment, I think UNLV could quickly compete for many of the higher-quality out-of-state students who are unwilling to consider UNLV because they are searching for a "traditional" on-campus environment - particularly as freshman.

I love the idea of an on-campus stadium, but I love the idea of creating a campus environment that will compete with other southwestern universities.

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@DocRebel: Thank you for pointing out the most practical thing that anyone can put to the test for the Mormons. I have friends in Alabama and Oklahoma who say that the Mormon church sends in volunteers from hundreds or thousands of miles away to clean up after tornadoes and fires. I have family in New England who have seen their "helping hands" vests as hundreds of volunteers move down neighborhood streets and offer help and hope.

You may not agree with their beliefs, but there's no arguing that the Mormon church and its members practice what Christ taught.

Here's a video I found showing some of their efforts in New York on Sunday:

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@z_white_knight: A convicted felon who assaults his girlfriend and then points his gun at police is going to get shot, in any town and in any state. If you don't want to get shot by police, don't commit crimes, don't assault people, and don't point a gun at the police officers (who, by the way, have families at home hoping they come home safely from working the graveyard shift).

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The obvious challenge with holding a debate poll on a campus is that your sample isn't representative of the overall population. If UNLV could somehow gather a more representative sample by holding the event at a more general location (e.g., 2 or 3 elementary schools in addition to UNLV) and by inviting people from more diverse backgrounds (e.g., parents of those schools' children along with college students), then you would have a better chance of providing meaningful data with respect to public perceptions of the candidates' performance.

Still, I think the technology sounds interesting, and it's nice to see people involved and engaged in the election process.

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Each of these donors deserves recognition and our gratitude (as a community) for what they're doing to improve the quality of higher education in Las Vegas.

I'm particularly impressed with the Lee family and their generous support. Ted and Doris attended schools like Harvard and Cal-Berkeley, but they have given large sums of money to UNLV because they recognize that the Las Vegas and Nevada economies rely on a talent pool that needs to come from a top-rate university.

Again, these gifts help UNLV and its students directly, but they benefit all of us in the Las Vegas area indirectly through their improvements of our higher education system.

Thank you to Mr. Boughner, Caesar's, and the Lee Family!

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