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Sept. 15, 2011

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If they want to claim that the HPD or NLV SWAT teams are not to be considered 'military' on the technicality that they are not actually in a military, then would the 3rd amendment still apply if it was a militia that attempted to take quarters in the home? If these two SWAT teams or even the police departments altogether want to claim they are not the equivalent of a military force, then why do they openly call themselves a para-military force? Why the military grade rifles they currently use they opted for the full automatic versions instead of the semiautomatic that civilians would have to go through taxes, background checks, and lumps of paperwork in order to attain? What we have here is a group of people that fantasize that they are some elite military force while performing a duty that has much less prestige. They get all warm and fuzzy inside when they get to finally put on their costumes that mimic those of our nations finest as they pretend to be Navy SEALS and Special Forces. As they're kicking in the doors of American homes, throwing in flash bangs and yelling and screaming for the purpose of violence of action, unnecessarily grabbing, beating, and throwing people around and about, shooting innocent people and animals with non-lethal rounds at their own indiscriminate displeasure, they visualize themselves in a heat of the moment situation as if they were in Afghanistan doing the same to a Taliban safe house.

These people are without a doubt a military force, as they could take down half the worlds militaries with the firepower, weaponry, and armor they hold.

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Why not lower the standards just low enough to make our graduation rate 100% and the best in the country? Better yet, why don't we just save tax payer money and eliminate education altogether? My property taxes go to fund our embarrassment of a school district, and we have kids that can't pass the proficiency examination after taking it countless times. Now they want to eliminate the proficiency examination as a requirement to graduation, and as a taxpayer I feel that after 13 years of tax money spent on a student, the minimum knowledge that they should posses is how to pass the damn proficiency examination. We've already crossed the Rubicon on education, and there is no going back without severe reform in the way things are done. Education in Nevada is never going to get better no matter how much money you throw at it, because in the end the money is going to go to the top heavy administrative side of the district, which plays absolutely no part in fixing the problem.

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That's okay, NVEnergy will get the Public Utilities Commission approval to pass on the fine to the rate payers.

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Pocket change for the lawyers running late who don't care about a $760 fine.

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If we actually had clean water then I would agree.

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