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Sept. 8, 2010

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Blame the Republican Party. Despite my having been a registered Republican for the past 15 years and having lived at the same address for 12 years, I received NO notice of when or where I was to caucus. Only by searching the Internet did I learn that my precinct was to caucus at Valley HS. When I arrived (early), I was able to "sign in" but, after that, NO ONE seemed to be in charge or to know what to do. After wandering around for a while, I found my precinct table and joined 4 other people. There was a large envelope on the table which contained voluminous instructions. We finally navigated them and learned that we were to select 4 delegates (who would have to pay $40 each) to attend the next tier. Then, we discussed the candidates and "voted". However, there is no assurance that our delegates will vote in the next tier as we did in the caucus. What a Chinese Fire-Drill! Why can't we have a simple Primary Election? With proper notice, I am confident that it would produce a much larger turn-out, and, further, once I vote, I can be assured it will be counted exactly as I intended.

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The author who triggered this discussion must be in his 90's if my math is correct, and must have been collecting Social Security benefits for at least 25 years by now. Certainly, he has collected many times over the FICA tax he paid in to the system, (I believe that the military did not participate in the SS system in 1959, when he retired). So, I assume he worked and paid into the SS system from 1959 until he retired at age 62 or more. So, what is his complaint? SS will certainly continue to pay benefits until he reaches 100 years of age, after which he will likely be dead or so old that he would not know or care. Furthermore, he has his military retirement to fall back on.

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Sure hope old Oscar's senility and lack of imagination do not infect his wife (the next mayor). Why can't he see that a better result would be obtained if we were to build a new sea-port so that Chinese ships could simply dock at the foot of Fremont Street, just west of the Plaza and the railroad tracks. Oh, you say that the ocean does not abut Las Vegas? Simple, just dig a huge canal from the West Coast. Just think of all the jobs that would create. Wake up, Oscar--10 cars and trucks on a 4-lane US93 does not make a traffic jam!

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This must be a joke, right? The 111th Congress was an abysmal failure, and the people turned many of them out in November.
They ran up more than $1 trillion in deficits for each of the past 2 years, so that our cumulative debt is approaching $14 trillion.
They presided over the loss of millions of jobs, with the "official" unemployment rate at 9.8% (actually it is likely more than 15%).
They failed to pass a budget for FY2010.
They failed to pass a single appropriations bill for FY2010, despite 3 months already having lapsed.
They DID extend the current tax rates, even for the wealthiest people, including Soros, Gates, Buffett, et al.
They DID legalize Queers in the Military (just wait until some grizzled combat vet sticks a bayonet between the ribs of some queer coming on to him).
They DID confirm 2 ultra-liberal women as Supreme Court Justices. But, in fairness, this only maintained the balance on the Court.
They DID ratify the START treaty, despite the fact that Russia is only one potential threat (think China, anyone?)
Yeah, right--the Botox Queen (Pelosi) and Dirty Harry Reid did get re-elected, but both are virtually emasculated (can a woman be emasculated?)for the next 2 years.
I can hardly wait until the next election, when we can send Obama back to south-side Chicago, where he can "organize the community" to wrest more Government subsidies/grants for the welfare people.

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Read your Economics 101 text books, folks. Look under "competitive advantage." If one country can make a product or deliver a service at less cost, whether because of raw material availability, less expensive labor costs, higher productivity, or whatever, then, by definition, that country will dominate the market. I have ignored delivery costs, of course, and they have to be factored in. In the U.S.A., we have, over the years, operated in an environment which promotes high labor costs. This is due to vote-seeking Congresses enacting all sorts of legislation which increase the cost (minimum wages, OSHA laws, ADA (disability) requirements, FICA taxes, UI taxes, (soon-to-be-mandatory) health insurance, etc., while the unions have been furiously trying to obtain more pay and better benefits for their members. Is it any wonder that ALL electronic devices sold in the U.S.A. are manufactured in other countries? Assuming one has accumulated wealth or income from services (many of which can not be replaced by overseas suppliers), this inures to our benefit, because we can purchase products at lower prices than if they were manufactured in the States.

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