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Jan. 7, 2009

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Why do the teachers think that they should get more than any of the other public servants in NV? While I agree that we need to pay teachers more, we need to value the teaching profession more, NOW is not the time. We cannot afford to have more students in classroom then we already have. We cannot afford to have anymore unemployed workers. We need forge ahead, keep people employed, keep pushing for better funding for education, keep moving in the right direction. WE did not get here over night and digging ones heals in the sand will not help the situation. Reasonable and fair are very different. I hope that my son's teacher chooses reasonable knowing that life (right now) is not fair.

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We need to remember all the good things that go on each and every day in this school district. Yes we need to improve BUT - we have a lot of students making 'the grade' everyday!

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2zero - you truly are a ZERO. You are mean spirited and down right ignorant. Voicing your opinion is one thing but to constantly degrade and disrespect people try to discuss an issues is plan intolerance.

What do you do to help? Help the schools, help single parents, help senior citizens, help at risk kids, help anyone who may need it. I believe criticizing those who are at least involved and trying to make a difference is your best asset. Sit back and let those who care get the dirty work done.

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I too have taught Mrs. Wrights' children and I can no longer let these accusations go. First, she is not what 'CCSDTeacher' has stated. She and her family are kind and very helpful. They send in supplies, decorate the classroom, help with activities, chaperon field trips, take class pictures and more. When Mrs. Wright (now Trustee Wright) entered my classroom she waited at the door for acknowledgement from me and to ask if her presence in class was OK. I will say that she is an advocate for her children. She holds teachers accountable just as we hold students and parents accountable. It sounds to me like 'CCSDTeacher' may have been derelict in his/her job duties. I want everyone to know about the real Mrs. Wright, an honest, kind, & thoughtful parent who is dedicated to her children.

I am not sure what 'CCSDTeachers' motivation is for bashing the new Trustee?? Sour Grapes on an old grudge??


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