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Nov. 20, 2011

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Seems to be a culture problem occurring in the United States.

We see this in every country in the world today. Just pick up the news anyplace, or web it up on the computer and you will find out what that culture really is. This culture affects everyone negatively! Seems most everyone is protesting against it, and very few people indeed, condone that culture.

That culture has destroyed lives, homes, families, businesses, educational establishments, corporations, law enforcement, the military, and even itself in most cases.

It has destroyed economies, currency systems, trust, and most everything else.

The article above speaking well about Mojave High School in NLV is a great example of how people can take over a situation, eliminate the cultural issues which "tickled down" all the while destroying things; at least in Mojave HS, now what the overlords accomplished by themselves was to take things under control.

That "culture" in which caused so much worldwide destruction? It is "government culture" all along!

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Sorry and sad to say, this time of year is the time most suicides are reported. This is worldwide; not for any particular area.

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This whole, complete issue could have been mostly in part, thwarted if only Obama and Clinton, [[with the assistance of Bush]] with their "outsourcing" thought process was not accorded law.

We see and hear of many countries, especially in the Asian and South American quadrant of the world, gaining large employment gratuities from Democratic President Barack Hussein Obama, as his foreign-aid and "US Aid" polcies are really not focused on the necessary problem of unemployment right there in the United States.

India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, China, and a few other countries I have not remembered, [[and soon to be Myanmar coming on board per Hillary Clinton's trip there next week]] all hold US Outsourcing job agreements that could have been afforded US citizens instead, on US soil!

US jobs went to these countries, folks...and what's the worth of the DREAM Act...and those 12 million + illegal tramps that came into the US, anyway, taking some jobs right off the top that US citizens could have?

One of the outsourcing programs' mandates would be that goods these countries produce would have the tag seal..."Made in the USA" on them. Stupidness!

You know, I don't really understand what you folks are allowing to happen back in the states, but I have to tell 'ya...something with your government is terribly gone askew and you voter's allowed it!

Then, instead of retracting the outsource programs and manufacturing mistakes and decision-making errors, there go your politicans now trying to fix the welfare benefits and unemployment benefits wars rather than to fix the real problem which created these issues in the first place!

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Well, like all things in life, things come to a slow but sure stop eventually. When the 45 to 100 year-old crowd more "Elvis" anything. Sad to say that because it was with the advent and historicals of Elvis Aaron Presley, there would be no stage theatrics, no "combed-back, wave hairstyle", no "fashion sunglasses", no flashy clothes, no music at all reflecting the style of Elvis and his group today as we saw the baseline of pure rock and roll coming out of the Elvis Presley era melded into today's music.

We sit here in France with CD's of evey song and movie Elvis ever had; not that we are avid listener'srs of EP, (me at 72 and my spouse at 68), but at the time he was popular we loved the guy and still do! Then the ugliness of English "pop rock" came and then it screwed-up the entire music industry.

We were not at any position to go to LV to see the Cirque program, but would have loved it...despite the waning audience. Maybe if the program, "VIVA ELVIS" was promoted for only a 4-week composed event and splashed all over the tourist Internets and other publications, the audience numbers would have been better.

(Suggest removal) 11/24/11 at 2:29 p.m.

Residing in a foreign country, we saw the Republicans had their own ideas on what certain policies are to be. Some candidates have the right idea!

The biggest problem I have is seeing the US foreign policy money sent to the Philippines [and other countries as well] under "ally-ship deals" are made, here is the real thorn in my rear-end which Obama [and the UN] is promoting:

The massive amounts of foreign aid or "US Aid" to foreign countries just for being good and being remarkably willing to play the game of whatever political excuses there are...they are all POLITICAL MOTIVATION PROGRAMS.

The Philippines, gets nearly $1,500,000.00 US dollars a year in US Aid. More additional amounts for other "aid programs" ~ and this includes what is known as "Black Accounts" ~ total about $1,800,000.00 a going to the Philippines now is over $3,300,000.00 a year.

The United Nations has just agreed to send an additional amount of $38,000,000.00 to the Philippines for "flood control" and for "war" issues which displaced tribes in the Mindanao Region.

The Philippine government gave over P5,000,000.00 to the MILF and other terrorist groups got additional millions, the government gave out for whatever reason it was.

Corruption and ultra-bureaucracy is King in the Philippines. Most all foreign aid the US sends to the country gets corrupted and stolen by politician's, through direct theft [even by their Supreme Court, as it has an open fund allowance for "lifestyle expenses"] and through legal theft.

There is this "Priority Developement Assistance Fund", [the 'pork barrel'] which has 17 budget allocations. The lawmakers codified this law and the lawmakers are the benefactors ONLY; senators get P200,000,000.00 a year and congressional representatives receive P70,000,000.00 a year, AND THIS MONEY IS NOT CONSIDERED SALARY; THAT'S ANOTHER STORY...and flood control is part of that funding allocation.

But inside projects never really get done. If you see the lifestyles of the politicians of the mayors, governors and senators, congressmen, department chiefs, military generals, police generals and others, they live better than Donald Trump in that 3rd World Country.

The poor stay poor, picking up small bunches of dried rice and corn left on the roadsides after the crews dry it in the sun all day just to have enough corn or rice on their plate for a meal.

I can assure the USA, 4/5ths of aid never reaches the intended requirement.

This is just one country involved in the overall waste of US foreign aid tax dollars.

I would say to the people/taxpaying public of the USA...get your government to STOP this foreign aid business around the world just to placate ally friendships and political postures. Enough is enough. Maybe you can elect, next go-round, a Prsident who cares about the USA and not every other country in the world so much!

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