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February 26, 2017

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Robert Stanelle
April 7, 2011

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Mr. Jack simply has no idea of what he is talking about when it comes to China today and am surprise you would print such inaccuracies of his. China, like all countries including the U.S., has some border disputes with neighbors. However, in their entire history China has NEVER attacked nor based soldiers in any country outside of its own borders. Certainly something that the U.S. cannot say. China is the most peaceful major country in the world who believes, at their very core, of every country minding their own business and leaving others to mind their own. You need to learn about China before commenting. Read "Red Star Over China" for historical perspective and "China: In My Eyes" for contemporary. Both written by Americans and you might be surprised at what you learn.

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We are NOT a democracy and have not been one for a long time, if ever. We just like to pretend that we are. Does anyone disagree that our congress, our so-called representatives, often do things and pass things that the majority of the public would not agree with? Does anyone disagree that corporations and lobbyists have more power than the people? E.g., Would an actual democratic vote of the people have allowed us to engage in senseless wars? We have been ruled by the military-industrial complex for over half a century and yet the public remains duped and feeling helpless to it all.

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I much agree with Mr. Adelman. In fact, I believe lobbying should be illegal. Law makers should be responsible for educating themselves on the issues and then doing what is best for the country, and not what is best for the self-serving lobbyists.

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NCAA rules should be changed. A player can enter the draft after high school if they wish, but if they choose (their choice) to sign a letter of intent, they must stay in college (barring flunk out) for a minimum of three years before again eligible. This protects the fans, the school that recruits them, and gets them at least close to a degree before leaving. It would be better for everyone and still provides a choice for those who think they are going to be drafted at age 18. GET RID OF THESE DUMB ONE AND DONES.

As for Bennett and UCLA's Muhammad, neither are anything special. They are both lazy, do not hustle down the court and play poor defense. How any knowledgeable basketball person can brag on them is beyond what I have seen of both of them.

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Steve Horton speaks with an intelligent voice. The world changes daily and it amazes me that people refuse to understand that and change with it. The Constitution, like any document or law, was written based on the situation and circumstances of the time. Why so many people want to take us back to the wild west days is incomprehensible to me. Guns are not needed in our world. What fools really believe if all handguns and assault style weapons are taken away our government is going to dictate to us any more than they do now? That is simply ridiculous thinking.

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