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David LaKari
March 22, 2011

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I have seen Gorman play a couple of times and after reading some of the stories on Liberty's team which from what I can tell is that they have a pretty good football team ... their downfall will be that they rely on 2 players a good coach will come up with a game plan to take those players out of their comfort zone. Gorman has to many weapons for Liberty to handle. I just watched a real good Ohio team get beat because they were 1 dimensional as their QB was dubbed Mr. Ohio and they got shellacked. I think Gorman pulls away to a 54-28 victory

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In the above story it says Johnson accounted for 4 td's did Solomon change his name because when i clicked on Johnson it talked about Anu

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This guy seemed to lead a simple life and saved for what who knows. But now that he is dead and this great amount of wealth was found everybody has their hand out trying to get a piece, lawyers, schools, the state, and who knows how many other countless people will step up. It should go to the heirs. If he was smart enough to accumulate this kind of wealth you would think he would have had a will.

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I have watched the last 2 games (1) from Hawaii and this past week from LV. The previous year's team had a much better defense...I seen Sanchez mumble something after the game about giving up 40 points in Hawaii and now 42 this week. Teams are passing them silly...they need to beef up the secondary too many wide open receivers. They have a nice team but right now are having trouble stopping the oppsitions passing game

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It's tough for a public school to beat a program such as BG when they seem to get the cream of the crop...maybe if the parents of the players had to cough up the tuition ... i was reading it cost around 12,000 a year to go there...then maybe some of these players would be scattered about and there would be more competition. I'm predicting 42-14 Gorman win.

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