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Dec. 17, 2009

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i met sam and louie and the rest of the band back in the middle 60's in lake tahoe..we were working at harvey's wagon wheel and would go across the street after our gig to listen to the best..every night..freddy bell taught me how to impersonate louie and jfk when we worked together at the old mapes hotel in reno that my dad band worked alot in chicago and did alot of their numbers,we did them fact some of the boys in chicago would come see us on week ends in elk grove village to hear my sax man bobby do sams songs..bobby was and still is the next best thing to sam..God bless his soul..bobby loved Sams playing,how could one not..jay sarno booked me at his cabana hotels that he and marty melchor owned becasue we did alot of bobby darin,old blue eyes,and those 2 wildest men in show biz,Louis and Sam..jay wanted to handle me but i was stupid and turned him was my dad..jay went on to do big things in vegas..all the great ones who built the city and played in the city are gone..makes one long as i play i keep louie and sam alive along with ole blue eyes and the other great who made vegas what it became..i still do the music but the new owners don't get it...God bless you Sam and your i turn 70 in january i'm blessed..i still play after 51 years,i still play golf 5 days a week and iam old enough to have seen the greats LIVE...AMEN!!

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