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Nov. 7, 2008

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When I see them say that these woman were "Teacher Backed" Is so ludicrous. Personally at my child's school, I spoke to over 30 staff and teachers who were eligible to vote and it was like 28 who said they would back Taylor, and 2 who would back Garvey. What brings me to post here is our school principle Ms Murry at Neil Elementary while attending our most recent PTO meeting had the nerve to state that she wanted the PTO to start promoting her belief that all teachers wanted their students and parents to buy them boxes of paper for their class room for CHRISTMAS!!! INSTEAD of giving the teacher gift cards and purchasing gifts from the heart.
EXCUSE ME MS MURRY!! You do not represent the teacher opinions when you try to swing such an insensitive agenda like that! A gift is a gift is certainly has monetary value. and to suggest that the teachers want boxes of paper instead of gifts and or things such as gift cards, is as low as you can go. Are these teachers to take the paper home? Or is it for your use in the school. If it is to be used in the school then it is not truely a gift for the teachers it is a ridicules burden you are putting on the backs of your staff. I actually spoke to no less than 10 teachers and everyone of them thought you have lost you mind, They said in no way are they asking for paper at Christmas. Shame on you for wanting the PTO to do your dirty dead's.

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