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June 5, 2008

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The writer is himself ignoring the real to fight the imaginary. The 3-D printed pistol was a plastic imitation of the "Liberator" pistol made in WWII to drop into occupied France for desperate patriots to use to shoot some Nazi -- once -- and seize his rifle. The design was intended to be useless for anything else and fall apart very quickly, and was so successful in the latter respect that almost none exist today. Better zip guns can and have been made with the tools in an ordinary home garage, so the 3-D printing tool represents no threat that did not already exist.

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Something worth remembering is that North Las Vegas city council in mid-1970s actually tried to require emergency service employees to live in the city. I seem to recall that those who already lived outside city would have been grandfathered into being exempt from it, but in any case it led the police department rank and file, I believe then represented by a union, to organize, and campaign tirelessly for, the recall of most of the city council. They petitioned to recall the four members who usually voted the same way; three of those did not survive the recall election. Those who were removed included Mayor Bud Cleland.
I think this may have been the first successful recall in Nevada history, and it encouraged people to try several more in various localities. It established public employees as a very significant special interest, perhaps THE significant special interest, in Nevada local elections from then on.

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Michael Heizer's dad was a famous archaeologist, not to my knowledge a geologist.

But glad you did an article on Double Negative. Read every word and enjoyed it. Have known about it for years but never managed to find it.

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