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Jan. 11, 2008

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@James - That's an easy one: Private. Same as, say, the "park" at Town Square or The District. A public space, on private property. That's not as fuzzy as the "functioning as a public thoroughfare" sidewalk issue.

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8/16/11 at 9:18 a.m.

The Double Down has every right to protect the brand. Think about it: There are already two DD locations. Surely Moss has plans for more, and if other bars of the same name exist in those markets, they're definitely creating brand confusion, both current and future.

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Um, it's not county, it's federal. BLM.

Either way, yeah. I wrote a story about that chunk of land and its potential uses in the Las Vegas Mercury about five ... six ... seven? years ago. Sadly, it's not online anymore.

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It's totally not legal because ... because ... OMG I SAID SO!!

Lawyers suck. City lawyers suck. Jon, will you endorse my run for mayor and/or city council in 2011? Thanks.

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