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July 9, 2010

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The most appalling thing to me is that the letter writier and others seem to think that they have more right to decide how to spend Adelson's money than he does. I notice that that they don't think that their own expenditures or their party's expenditures on this election were necessarily as egregious. And don't try to justify yourselves because it was less. If you would have had more , you would have spent more. If you want the money to be spent the way you described, then earn it and you can spend it how you would like.

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What does Sarah Palin have to do with teachers? Quit obsessing about it. She had more executive experience than BHO, and based on what's happened she could not have done any worse since the election. And now back to the subject.

The only thing that I really hear about "super-dedicated" teachers is that they want more money. $33k seems like a very reasonable amount of pay for someone whose life experience is four years at university taking subjects that are consistently considered at lower levels of ability than science, engineering, or pre-med. I had been working for almost 20 years when I started making over $33k. Of course, I was just a lowly warrant officer in the Army and had no useful skills other than enabling people like Frank to spout off anything they want.

My point is that people (even teachers) need to spend some time to start earning more. The teachers in my neghborhood seem to be doing all right. Of the two, both families are probably maing over $125k per year. That is just about the same as my wife and I as we approach retirement.

Maybe we should send the teachers to the money tree in the back yard that all of the liberals think exists.

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Let's indeed remember GW. We were making money, paying few taxes, and the economy was booming until 2006. What happended in 2006 - the Democrats took control of both Houses of Congress. What happended, we ended GW's last term with increased unemployment, increased debt both individually and for the government, and we are bailing out businesses. Anyone want to predict when Chrysler will fail again? We have bailed it out twice, now. GW is at fault - he listened to too many of you change seekers and bleeding hearts. The worst things that happen to us are when you have a bunch of do-gooders trying to sovle a problem.

But it is Bush's fault. So why aren't things improving(and they aren't no matter what the President says). It's been almosgt two yers ,now. The bailout wasn't enough, unemployment is still increasing. It is just the rate of unemployment that is decreasing. The national debt is more than it ever was for the last 200 years combined. BTW, that includes the Bush years. Bout is Bush's fault. I would laugh if it was not so painful.

Conditions will improve when the mass of children who voted in the last election grow up and find out that there is not a money tree. You liberals remind me of the Romans. As long as you get your daily ration of bread and some arena games, those nasty old Goths and vandals are some one else problems. Besides we can negotiate with them, yeah, they actually like us...

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