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Nov. 3, 2009

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This is EXACTLY what was said last year..."we need to get tougher!" BLAH BLAH BLAH This team is another NIT team, and nothing more. When BYU AND UNM chew them up and spit them out, you Rebel fans will once again begin to see your delusions of greatness shattered. Chumps!

(Suggest removal) 12/30/09 at 6:27 p.m.

I will be the first to admit that UNLV would be a POWERHOUSE in the YMCA's 6'4"-and-under league. This four guard offense is awe-inspiring...if they weren't all 6'2" (other than Willis) that is!. But seriously, other thaqn Findlay Prep, UNLV is the best team in town! Wow! UNLV...'10 YMCA Champs!!!!

(Suggest removal) 12/26/09 at 1:16 p.m.

I just realized who you are, gorebs97! You are one of those guys that swore up and down during the offseason that Chase Stanback was so DOMINANT in workouts and pick-up games that he would average 25 and 15 (that's points and rebounds, in case you aren't that familiar with basketball lingo). How he was going to "flat out RULE the Mountain West this season", like one of my media friends has been claiming since Stanback's redshirt year. Reality check: Stanback is averaging 8.6 and 4.9! INCREDIBLE!

You Rebels fans are so funny! Sweet 16 baby!

Yea, when pigs fly to the moon!!!

(Suggest removal) 12/26/09 at 10:53 a.m.

Thanks for the English lesson, gorebs97.

As for last year's Rebels team, perhaps you stopped watching after that 17-4 start. And that would have been a pretty good idea. The rest of the sreason was an utter embarrassment, with the Rebs losses and poor performances too numerous to list here. You must have missed that though. So just to let you know, UNLV wasted that 17-4 start by finishing with only 4 wins in their last 11 games...including getting bounced with ease in the first round of the MWC Tournament (at home no less!), then laying an egg to bring a pathetic closing stretch of a wasted year to an end with a loss to Kentucky in the opening round of the NIT.

Sorry you tuned out after the that 17-4 start that had you all excited. It must have been quite tittilating to watch the mighty Rebs dispatch powerhouses like N.C. A&T before the REAL season started.

As for Wink Adams, I don't give a darn if he is making $20 million a year playing ball somewhere...LAST YEAR he SUCKED!!!

So who's stupid now,a**wipe?

(Suggest removal) 12/26/09 at 10:44 a.m.

Gosh I wish UNLV played in either the ACC or Big East so these delusional Rebs fans would shut up. I listened to the same ole crap last year about how great Wink Adams was, how he was an all-American, how the Rebels were going to be so great, etc. And then the season started!!! These guys are a bunch of average Joes that have exactly NOTHING special going for them. All this Sweet 16 talk is PREPOSTEROUS! I don't know who has their heads in their butts more...UNLV hoops fans or Ole Miss football fans! Wake up, folks. You ain't winning NOTHING!

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