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February 25, 2017

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Joe Rangel
June 15, 2010

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The BIGGEST loss of visitors came from one dumb idea. As a convenience to the casinos they eliminated coins. True they saved man hours this way but at the same time they got rid of employees and changed how/where gamblers played. The BEST experience a winner feels is the sight & sounds of what seems to be an unending cascade of coins falling out of the machine, whether it is pennies or dollars. Not a printed ticket with FAKE noises & the hidden knowledge that THE CASINO still has YOUR MONEY HOSTAGE! ! ! ! Big deal the coins give of grime/ dirt. It makes you feel like old Vegas times, a mobster & his DIRTY money

(Suggest removal) 1/2/11 at 10:58 a.m.

According to CCSD any Employee can be fired for setting a immoral or bad example inside the community. Now with the increase of adolescent crime do we blame her or release her for telling the truth????

(Suggest removal) 12/21/10 at 7:16 p.m.

Once again, some lone idiot thinks that they know what is best for all the others. You want to ban all smoking then don't go to the smoking areas in the casino (DUH)most casinos have both smoking /non-smoking areas. What's next? No drinking or shows? Go to Fantasy land. Wait strike that "Both drinking & smoking is permitted in designated areas inside Disneyland". I got it NASA is looking for volunteers for Mars. Go stand in line.

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Driving is NOT a right, It is a PRIVILEGE. The Difference between the two is a Privilege is something someone earns & can be removed. A Right is something given at BIRTH & cannot be taken away.As far as her driving under the influence Book her for a DUI. She agreed to not drive under the influence and to obey ALL laws while driving in California as well as in other states. As stated in DMV manuals it is the responsibility of each MOTORIST to know the local laws where they drive. California prints it in several languages and if you can't read, then you don't get a license

(Suggest removal) 12/21/10 at 5:11 p.m.

Everyone complains today of the Mexican illegals, yet no one seems to remember history very well. These white Americans were at one time Anchor babies themselves. Anyone remember the prisoner ship full of thieves, murderers,prostitutes and tax evaders aka " Mayflower". As for the NATIVE languages of AMERICA. Try learning one Apache, Navajo,Hopi,Cherokee,Black Foot,Crow as well as one of the others. As for your Politicians they ALL lie, Don't believe it show us ONE treaty promise that the government has kept. You want to fix Mexico make it a state. Use it's resources and make them pay into the system. That way they can't send the money they earn back home tax free.

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