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Ryan Fromoltz
May 3, 2011

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No teacher works just a 7-hour day. If they did they aren't doing their job correctly. There is lesson planning, grading papers, meetings, extra-curricular activities and much more. If every teacher did just a 7-hour day nothing would get done. A parent would not get a phone call updating them on their child, and much more.

To answer your other remarks. Federal law mandates a ratio of teachers to special education kids. If this is not follow the state loses money.

Also, about your claims about illegals and education. It is mandated by Plyer vs Doe that we educate all students no matter of status.

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I urge everyone incuding Roselenda to be in a classroom with 40 kids, and tell me teachers don't deserve more.

Right now, we can't give anyone the proper attention they deserve. Leaving the kids in limbo for years to come. With this battle we are setting ourselves up for failure.

And Roselenda, that article includes all the adminstrators who make 100,000 plus a year. There are plenty of teachers who make less than 70 a year.

If you look on the link, you will see a lot of Academic Zone Managers on there - which were created under Dwight JOnes.

(Suggest removal) 4/7/12 at 6:56 p.m.

Hi Bob- Wednesday, when the photo was taken was college awarness day in the district. Don't know the exact name of it. Schools who participated in it were encouraged to wear college gear. This took place in elementary to high schools.

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Please tell me how you come to this. Becuase no teacher I have talked to has seen a raise in years. And many are trying to cram in more degrees before CCSD and the state freeze step increases. Many more are planning to retire before everyone is on the same salary.

And please do it with information on Nevada only. I have seen many of your posts comparing Nevada to Virginia, Oklahoma, etc. Thanks. :)

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