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Sept. 30, 2010

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you can't take Pearl because he broke the rules then lied about it. maybe if it were a year from now, but UNLV needs to stay squeaky clean. I think Dave Rice with LJ or Theus would be awesome but I don't think LJ and Theus want to be assistants. Rice just can't be passed up...great offensive mind, great recruiter, understands UNLV and it's history, and is also CHEAP. We can't afford to pay more than a million dollars, and Rice could be brought in for far less than, wouldn't it be awesome to have a former Rebel player as our coach?!?!

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there are two years left in kruger's contract....if next year or the year after Coach leads us to a good season are some of you prepared to eat your words? I don't think we can just shrug him off like that. this season we had a team that had zero chemistry for most of the season, lost it's two deep threats, and had a 15+ game shooting streak. And yet we made the tournament, and didn't even have to worry on selection sunday if we were going to make it. sure, the loss to illinois was embarrassing, but how bout giving credit where credit is due? sure, if Kruger doesn't improve next year we should maybe start looking into what the problem is, but you have to consider all of the adversity Kruger had to overcome this season. Sure Tark recruited like nobody's business....but that's what made him one of the greatest ever. Recruiting to Vegas now is double as hard as then. we are a mid major school. Kruger is a good coach who has consistent 20 win seasons. Who would you even want? Reggie Theus? sure he'd be a good assistant. But what has he done as a head coach that Kruger didn't? Sure, it'd be great to have Bill Self, Coach K, or Rick Pitino. But those guys aren't looking to move to a mid major. You have to look at reality.

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oh....and go post on the OTHER newspapers comment boards, Gaskin. We don't like your dumb politcal statements over here. the bball program is self sustaining, and even makes revenue for the school. so your point is moot. go away.

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some of you guys have to keep in mind that Jones is basically a recruit to play in 2012, not next season. We lose a lot after next season, including Oscar, Chace, and Kendall, basically our three best shooters. We actually NEED guards to replace them. And we'll have lots of open scholarships after next season, and Kruger is actually doing not a bad job for us being a mid major. I think some of you older fans expect that kids want to go to UNLV....but kids don't grow up thinking "man my dream is to play for the runnin rebels". THAT'S why we don't get top rated recruits yet. Only Wink Adams dreamed of coming to UNLV. So what if we pick up transfers? plenty of teams pick up transfers...including SDSU and New Mexico. AND we don't NEED a center, we just need Moser instead of chace at the 4 and Quintrell...that's why ChickenLittle compared us to SDSU. Three 6'8" starters, 6'3 2 spot, and a 6'2 Point. (Quintrell, Chace, Moser, Marshall, Oscar) This would be a lineup basically exactly like SDSU...minus NBA quality Kawhi Leonard. As long as our offseason is uneventful, next season will definitely be a step up from this season. mark my words.

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I have ALWAYS been a Lon Kruger fan (well, I became a fan in 2007, my freshman year) and have researched everything there is to read about UNLV and it's history. UNLV is now a high mid-major program, not an elite program like some older fans like to pretend we are. Lon has really done a great job up to this point. This past year the team was in such turmoil and yet he guided us to a regular season where at the end we didn't even have to worry about getting an at large bid, and he hadn't done that since the 06-07 season. The failure in the middle of the year clearly had to do with Tre'Von and his disruption of our early season chemistry. But this next year is the perfect test to see if Kruger is going to be our "franchise" coach. With the most talent he's ever had, the Mendenhall Center for recruiting, and what looks to be a comfortable off season, now we have to expect more. We need a comfortable at large bid if not a regular season/tournament in. We need at least one win in the NCAA tournament, and the only acceptable loss should be a close one to a #1 seed (if the NCAA screws us again). I LOVE Kruger and don't think at this point we could do better, but this will be the highest expectations ever coming into the season and if he doesn't deliver....dramatic changes need to be made (all new assistants/recruiters).

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