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February 25, 2017

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July 13, 2010

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Bakersfield, I don't know why you are emphasizing that CCW means "Concealed" because it is not illegal to openly carry your concealable weapon. The only law is against full or partial concealment of the weapon without a permit. If Mr. Scott had his weapon concealed and it showed in the store, there was no law broken.

A bigger issue than that is: whose bright idea was it to evacuate the entire building through one exit with Metro waiting outside, guns drawn? When the officers confronted Mr. Scott and fired, there were dozens still in the building and many more surrounding the exit, some people a few feet away from the deceased. Was it necessary to confront him there in the middle of a crowd when he was peaceably exiting with the rest of the customers?

Will someone tell me how Metro officers make such unimpeachable witnesses in a shooting that they are involved in? Were they not amped up with adrenaline not knowing what kind of "man with a gun" situation they were facing? Training does not mean that they are infallible witnesses or participants.

Many decisions went into escalating this event into the tragedy it is. It is not "anti-cop" or "pro-crime" to want to examine this critically and figure out where this could have been handled differently, possibly sparing the life of a young man.

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