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Oct. 16, 2010

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The Wave has started ... all the networks are in agreement, already 2 new senators for the GOP in the Midwest; Paul and Coats both win.

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to LarryVegas....

Given your logic, clearly you insult 95 percent of African Americans that voted in 2008 ... over 70 percent of Latinos that voted in 2008, and probably better than 65 percent of all other voters in 2008.

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to Jenlv...

The polls in the eastern united States start closing at 4PM our time, the Cable Networks will start in earnest to report the election results when it's 5PM in Vegas.

If you're only looking for the numbers here in Nevada...... given Harry Reid had teams of liberal election attorneys flown in yesterday, I'd say it's safe to figure by December 1st we should know something.....

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to Tony Crago.....

According to the Wesleyan Media Project and the Washington Post (a well known liberal leaning newspaper) it's Democrats who have increasingly gone negative in their advertisement during the midterm elections . Here's the link to the facts as well as a video that shows several examples of negative campaign videos put out by Democrats here in Nevada and across the country.

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If you are a Democrat today, and you can't brag about your party's record, what do you do? All you can do is go negative... What do you do when you're party has failed and is losing? What do you do when you're about to get shellacked and you can't think of anything worth mentioning about what's been done or what your party's agenda is. What do you do when people aren't buying the party schtick, "Give Obama two more years to keep doing what he's done." You have to go negative. You have to try and destroy, impugn, and with no hope of coming out ahead tomorrow morning, someone outta Left Field is even comes up with stuff like, "I wonder if the Republicans are hacking this election like they did in 2000 and 2004 ". And that kind of brilliant remark does what exactly for the Left?

Fact is my liberal friends, no matter how you folks try and spin things today, the worse it's getting across the country at the polls for the Democrats..... I hope all the nay sayers will remember, as the Left reminded us so many times over the last 2 years, "Elections have consequences"....... I am so gonna enjoy watching Democrats, one by one, choke on those words over the days and weeks to come.

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