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Dec. 22, 2009

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Hauck has done a reasonable job as Griz head coach. I hope he leaves some of his assistants behind at UM, but it's hard to say if any will stay, given UNLV's ability to compensate at a higher pay level. For UNLV fans who missed it, go to the Sports Illustrated website and do a search on Bobby to see how well he did not get along with the UM school newspaper staff this fall. I know a couple of folks who grew up in the same small Montana town (Big Timber) as the Hauck boys, and I typically get a knowing smile and a shake of the head in response to questions about Hauck's apparent inability to occasionally express humility. So, he got out-coached by 'Nova's head coach Talley? That's one of the differences you'll see between a head coach with 7 years' experience, and one with 24. I'm happy for the Rebels' fans, because I think Hauck can take you to a winning season in a couple of years, depending upon recruiting, assistant coaches, and how much pruning there will have to be in the existing program. However, many Montanans will be happy to see the back of Mr. Hauck heading south down the road, and those are not just MSU Bobcats fans.

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