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Dec. 25, 2009

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papaG: You're absolutely correct, the Longhorns are the defending NW champs.

But,with the exception of that 1 loss that ended up being a 7-6 game with a lot of questionable calls...Palo Verde hasn't lost to ANYBODY in the regular season since 2008. And after that loss to Legacy, they beat the heck of the rest of their opponents, including Faith Lutheran. (76 points worth!!)

With out a single doubt, Faith Lutheran is very good this season, and I agree that the Shadow Ridge game will be very interesting, but I actually think the most interesting game of their season will be on October 22ND at home.

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I heard Floyd "The Coward" Mayweather, doesn't want to fight Pacquiao, because he doesn't want to get beat up and then have Manny take his phone....haha

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Did somebody on this thread, compare Faith Lutheran to Bishop Gorman?

Faith Lutheran has a 23 man roster that includes 2 freshman, and only 4 lineman over 200lbs. Plus, they only have 3 wins in the last 2 seasons.

Faith Lutheran has a very good team, with intelligent, and disciplined athletes. But come team in that division has shown they can stop Palo Verde, and certainly no team in the state is comparable to Gorman.

Congratulations to Faith Lutheran. What a fantastic way to start a new season.

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Vegas has a Nationally ranked High School football Team in Bishop Gorman.
Earlier in the year, we had a Nationally ranked High School football team in Palo Verde.

The fact of the matter, is there are players all over Vegas that could start on either one of the above teams.
Now, Vegas has Middle School players getting NATIONAL recognition?

I sure hope Coach Bobby Hauck will take notice of the pool of players we have here. We need to try much harder to keep Vegas players in Vegas in order to represent the Reb's!!!

Good luck in Texas boys, and represent the "702", on and off the field.

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