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Frank Pelteson
March 20, 2008

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Until both parties realize that there is not a dimes worth of difference in the parties, and that both parties are manipulated by nn INSIDER group at the top, nothing will change for the better. For substantiation of this please go to titled APPLES TO ORANGES.

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It is ironic that we are mourning the White Rose dissidents, while at the same time not knowing that the following was going on, according to Stanford Institute Research Fellow Professor Antony Sutton's book, "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler":

'The contribution made by American capitalism to German war preparations can only be described as phenomenal. It was certainly crucial to German military capabilities...Not only was an influential sector of American business aware of the nature of Nazism, but for its own purposes aided Nazism wherever possible (and profitable) - with full knowledge that the probable outcome would be war involving Europe and the United States'.

Penetrating a cloak of falsehood, deception and duplicity, Professor Antony C. Sutton reveals one of the most remarkable but unreported facts of the Second World War: that key Wall Street banks and American businesses supported Hitler's rise to power by financing and trading with Nazi Germany. Carefully tracing this closely guarded secret through original documents and eyewitness accounts, Sutton comes to the unsavory conclusion that the catastrophic Second World War was extremely profitable for a select group of financial insiders. He presents a thoroughly documented account of the role played by J.P. Morgan, T.W. Lamont, the Rockefeller interests, General Electric Company, Standard Oil, National City Bank, Chase and Manhattan banks, Kuhn, Loeb and Company, General Motors, the Ford Motor Company, and scores of others in helping to prepare the bloodiest, most destructive war in history. This classic study was first published in 1976.

I wonder how the White Rose protesters would have felt had they known that.

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This activity sounds like a pleasant way to network. Very innovative.

Some good can come from it.

Sounds like Senor Curiel has the money to do it.

Not sure of the pay-back. Maybe someone knows.

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The Clark County School Board is traditionally run by a bunch of feminists who support this sort of financial excess. They are the product of .

The skilled work that engineers do should be paid with a salary that exceeds that of this character, but in our sick society the values are all upside down, paying a clown to run the schools with fabulous perks and huge salary for socializing our children's minds, while making professional people like engineers ashamed of what they are doing and thankful for receiving a pittance.

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