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June 12, 2012

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One should laugh at negative comments from people out of touch with society.
Traffic jams is you big issue in Vegas??? Try New Years Weekend, 4th. of July or Memorial weekend, those are legitimate frustrations if traffic jams are your issue in Vegas. Don't hate on EDC we made your town Millions. That's more money than you sitting at the penny slots begging for well drinks with no tip. You complain about drunks obviously you missed the New Years Eve party in the town that's well, your backyard. Your negativity is so off base you insult the people reading your comments.
When you mass 90,000 people into one location you will encounter congestion. Whether it be a Futbol game, a football game in LA at the Colseum, EDC 2011 at the Coliseum or at the Coliseum in Rome from your era. Or the Las Vegas Speedway for NASCAR something more your speed.
90,000 (yes ninety thousand) paying customer attended EDC 2012
We had to sleep somewhere, or were you assume we all slept in our cars or at the speedway. No, wait that was you at Woodstock :O( We spent thousands of dollars here in the community on hotels, gas, food, restaurants, supplies and Las Vegas Loves Us, except you.
The revenue generated by EDC 2012 was staggering just like us leaving Sunday morning:O))))


Las Vegas knows how to throw a 90,000 three day event party, they are the true winners in revenue. Thank You Las Vegas you never disappoint, except one person who thinks there are no traffic jams, people drinking in excess and sleeping in there cars for three days.
Wake Up Baby EDC 2012 is over but there is always next year.

BLAM!!!!!!!! Take that because I'm way off base :O)

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