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February 24, 2017

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Aug. 15, 2010

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It's funny to me that there isn't anything about the autopsy posted. There isn't anything about the combined drugs and alcohol in his system. What about the Large amounts of combined MDMA, COCAINE, and ETHANOL intoxication? There was minimal bruising, no vital organs were injured during the fight, etc... Funny the DA has to blame someone. They can't not charge anyone for the other family's sake. What about Jason and his family? He didn't kill this man. People lie. Science doesn't. Maybe the prosecutors should read through the report and call it what it is - a lethal mixture of cocaine, alcohol, ecstasy, etc. This man, as tragic as this is, did not die from being in an altercation. The DA hasn't even issued a warrant for Jason"yet they are charging him with murder with such little evidence? This is pathetic and sad that our justice system has come down to hear-say instead of science and investigating the FACTS. Pathetic. I pray for both families. I just wish the Reynolds were big enough to admit that Demario wasn't murdered. He took too many drugs and his body was unable to handle the effects. Heaven forbid the truth come out -- let's just punish the innocent to save our name. Sickening.

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