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April 10, 2013

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This cartoon is not only highly offensive to people suffering from mental disabilities, it doesn't come close to reflecting Governor Sandoval's true reasons for the veto. Sandoval requested the bill be presented solely under the mental health issues and democrats refused. These all or nothing politics are exactly why we can't get anything done. If the dems didn't feel the need to throw in undue and unconstitutional hardships on legal and rightful gun owners, this bill would have passed. Instead, political posturing on the part of the democrats has caused the whole thing to fail. Although I agree with the mental health portion of the bill, I'm glad Governor Sandoval chose NOT to sign away our second amendment rights simply to accommodate the dems political posturing. It's too bad the mental health piece wasn't important enough to them to present it as a standalone billed that would have passed. And let us not forget, disarming citizens who are legal gun owners is not going to take guns out of the hands of criminals. Dems gave up the chance to take them out of the hands of potentially dangerous mentally ill people by being unreasonable. THANK YOU- SENATE- DEMOCRATS. is what it should say.

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It was not very long ago that Governor Sandoval allocated quite a bit of money to all day kindergarten and ELL WITHOUT raising taxes. We can't even afford for the democrats in this state to have an idea. So, the genius of the entertainment tax didn't fly, the one where they didn't even know how much revenue it would bring in, and now they want higher payroll taxes on the mining industry in the name of education. I wonder if the democrats truly even know why they want to raise taxes, or if they are just trying to make sure a certain group doesn't make too much money. Since we didn't get away with the idea of taxing their ski trips or movie nights, lets just take it out of their payroll.

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I'm sorry, this is ridiculous. Those that can afford certain entertainment should be expected to pay a tax on it because of that? Let's also ensure that entertainments lower income people scrape together pennies for in order to enjoy every once in a while will then have to scrape more pennies together, which could mean the difference between whether or not they are able to enjoy the entertainment at all. Oh, and we don't know how much money this proposal will raise, meanwhile we make it harder for people to enjoy themselves in an economy where people rarely get the opportunity to do so. This is terrible reasoning and doesn't show any real expected positive outcome.

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This is a great idea. It is sad that some people can only see this as what the public school system may be losing monetarily rather than what our low income students will gain as a result of having such a choice. How could anyone criticize paving a way for low income children to have some of the same opportunities as wealthier children?

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