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February 19, 2017

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April 23, 2012

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Makes me NOT want to give to the redcross since they are helping someone who caused their own problem. Feel bad for the dogs as they certainly did not deserve what they got. Always drives me crazy when I see smokers toss burning butts out their car windows, tossing them on the street, or having any other disregard for others with their trash. Not hard to figure out that it is burning leaves and paper and will cause other things to butn too. Should have to foot the bill for the firefighters too. Not like this was an "accident" it was stupidity.

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Once upon a time I would have been against this. Now, having seen that many teachers make $45k +/year for a 9month job, I have to support it.. Starting pay for teachers sucks (that I will agree) but that is kinda the way it is supposed to work. When you first enter a field you are not going to make alot of money, then later you make more. I aplaude teachers for what they do but.... EVERY other working class job has taken hits, not asking too much for you to not get a raise this year. You already don't pay social security tax and after 5 years or so make pretty decent money. I DO believe the Super and all other admin should take a cut as well though. No reason to cut just the teachers.

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