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April 9, 2009

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So many things cross my mind with BYU's decision and apologize in advance for the length of this comment:
1. How do Latter Day Saints in Las Vegas (the largest LDS population outside of Utah) feel about this? To me, it sort of seems like a big "F-U" to the Las Vegas LDS. All my LDS friends loved it when BYU would come to Sam Boyd Stadium or the Mack and we all know how well the BYU fans traveled for the Las Vegas Bowl and the MWC tournaments (basketball, volleyball and baseball) when they are/were held here. I really want to know how Las Vegas LDS feel about this.

2. What happens if BYU gets its doors blown off in basketball by Gonzaga and St. Mary's twice a year and rolled in baseball (WCC is a very underrated baseball conference)? Also, what happens when ESPN gets them games against NCAA powerhouses in September and the Y is stuck with cupcakes in October and November? Part two on ESPN: what happens if ESPN schedules BYU for games on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (the main reason the MWC broke off television talks with ESPN)? Do they get buyer's remorse? Do they try to come back?

3. When the MWC does send out more invites (I'm guessing any where from between tomorrow morning and May 2011), who is invited. This was exactly what Utah State was praying for when the muck-mucked the decision to stay in the WAC two weeks ago. If the MWC truly prizes the SLC market and Utah as a whole, Utah State is the only way (all-be-it a very small {if any} drawing power in SLC) for the conference to stay in the market and state.

UTEP (considered by many to be as prominent with Latino Americans as BYU is with Latter Day Saints, culturally not religiously) and Houston are prime candidates if the MWC wants to expand. Though it may be a little tricky if the MWC wants to form a BCS play-in game with C-USA, raiding the conference's western region may "curdle the cream" in C-USA's school presidents' minds. If (as funr said) we take Houston and C-USA takes La Tech from the WAC, then the MWC adds Utah State, both conferences would be at 12 teams each leading the way to another problem: the possibility of a 15 game season (12 regular season games, 1 conference championship game, 1 BCS play-in game and the BCS Bowl - yikes).

All-in-all what do we call this most recent act of conference realignment in terms of the Mountain West Conference? Adding Boise, the Wolf Pack and Fresno; losing BYU and Utah...sounds like a wash so far...

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I'd love to see the next invite go to Houston, b/c although they're basketball program isn't as good as what Utah State is (right now), I really see them getting much, much better with the $40 million renovation and expansion of Hofheinz Pavilion. After all, in this day and age, having state-of-the-art athletic facilities are almost as good as NCAA tournament berths (especially in this one-and-done era).

@htownreb: I know UH is very competitive in football and pretty competitive in basketball, but would you be able to rate their athletic department as a whole (i.e. baseball, olympic sports, women's sports, etc.)?

Also, I read that a local radio station in Fresno (KMJ 580) is stating that the Bulldogs will be joining in 2011. I'm a little skeptical though b/c it also says that Hawai'i will join the West Coast Conference, when that conference only allows faith-based schools for membership.

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California State University, Fresno is the name of the institution, the athletic department and its programs go by the Fresno State moniker.

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The WAC has a few options before it dissolves altogether.

1. The WAC can try and persuade two Big Sky schools (possibly the two Montana schools) to jump to FBS. Though it would take a lot of money for those schools to do this.

2. The WAC can drop down to FCS, the NCAA has allowed the Great West Conference to play as a football conference with only six teams.

3. The WAC tells its current members to become football independents and cease their football competition (see Big West Conference).

4. Lastly, like we all say, the school presidents can vote to dissolve the conference. If that happens though where do Hawai'i, San Jose State, Utah State, New Mexico State and Idaho go for football? IMO, LA Tech would be able to join the Sun Belt Conference, so they'd need not worry about that.

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UNLV president just confirmed that UNR and Fresno are coming, so has the Reno Gazette-Journal and Fresno Bee. I honestly think that BYU will be staying now. Just wondering who's going to help the two schools with the $5 million buyout, though I heard that Fresno never signed that agreement...

@icy1007 personally I don't care if they pee in our sinks this year as long as they buy up all the tickets for the game.

@COrebel as long as Ault and Hill are the HCs at Reno and Fresno, then both teams will be competitive, kind of like Minnesota and Michigan State in the Big Ten. They won't sniff a conference championship, but at least they'll add some depth. Also, I think Thompson would go after Houston before any of the WAC leftovers. Houston's football program has been consistent over the past decade and their basketball programs are rising, including a multi-million dollar renovation of their gym. Plus, adding UH gives the MWC the Houston media market and a travel partner for TCU.

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