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Nov. 10, 2009

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Louanne, for one he made no open threats at all, aside from announcing that he would go target shooting before the protest that day. If he actually did any of these things, why is it they cant find enough evidence to actually charge him with anything? There's also no threats on "Public Record" that any anonymous member has ever made that you can produce.

For another, a legally bought Romanian ak-47 clone is not an assault weapon, by any definition of the word, and going out to the desert to shoot at garbage is hardly what i would call "training". It's generally called "sport shooting" it's a hobby that millions of peaceful Americans enjoy.

Scientologists really need to come to terms with the fact that there is no "terrorist organization" plotting against them. Keep in mind that scientologists also consider psychiatry to be a terrorist organization.

There's no secret terrorist plots against you, it's just peaceful protesters, who happen to disagree with your organization. We'd all be a lot better off, if you just deal with that. Instead of discrediting your critics, why dont you address their issues. Even if you succeed in discrediting a few, more will appear, they'll never go away until your organization reforms itself.

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So SCHNORCHEL, basically what you're saying is it doesn't matter that there was no real evidence linking this kid to any sort of terrorist activity, and he was arrested and his property was taken away from him. Even though he's never been officially charged with a crime, he still cant get his property back and his rights as an American citizen were trampled on, and if it can happen to him, perhaps it can happen to anyone, but all that really matters is the church of scientology feels a little bit safer? Gee...and you guys wonder why you have such bad PR problems.

Oh and Terryeo, as usual you didnt really read the article. It should comfort you that the kid actually isnt "off the streets", he was never charged with a crime, and he's currently "out walking the streets".

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