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February 27, 2017

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Dec. 30, 2012

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If they had used shotguns instead of handguns perhaps there would not still be three of them at large. Even if the bad guys were only injured any hospital would have to report them when they showed up for treatment. Unless you are ex-military or similarly trained, the stats show that the average person in the heat of a gunfight will just not be all that accurate at anything but close range. The problem is even worse with non-lethal weapons such as a one-shot taser, where a miss will cost you dearly. (There is a 3-shot taser out now but even then you really can't practice much when each cartidge cost $25 a pop.)

A shotgun is way more useful for home defense, plus there's less danger of penetrating your neighbor's walls endangering innocent people. It does not take much skill to fire a shotgun in their general direction. Probably could have tagged all four with the first shot sending them into retreat mode. You used to be able to get a basic shotgun for less than $200 before recent threats of gun control legislation made them sell out everywhere and drove up prices. You can thank democrats for that, who incidentally have been know to have their own personal armed bodyguards which most of us can not afford. They probably even have their own collection of assalt weapons at home, that they don't want the rest of us to have.

Considering both victims were armed and that they followed them out into the parking lot I'm thinking they knew their attackers and were expecting something like this for whatever reason. I certainly would not leave the safety of my house at that point. You don't know who else might be waiting outside.

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