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June 10, 2009

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Since when has the county ever really worried about saving money? Do any of them know how much these sanitation workers make? Local government workers make nearly $10,000 more than those elsewhere in the country.

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"Let me be clear" says Jon Ralson, like all the other copycats in the media and Congress. That's an Obama original, often used in his campaign speeches. Don't say he hasn't had influence.

Here's the latest one emerging now, no link to Obama far as I can tell. "UPBRAID" It's catching on around the web. Soon it'll be in news articles across the country.

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Goldman Sachs received a $10 billion bailout and returned it plus an additional $1 billion. However it also got $12.9 billion from the bailout through a counterparty transaction with AIG. That's pure profit for Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs is on pace to pay out over $20 billion this year in bonuses and compensation. Taxpayers subsidized a good portion of that.

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"I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone."

Yes sir, that "Virtual Crossroads" called diversification is just beyond the horizon. The $2 billion deficit will disappear in a flash with Rory Reid at the helm, and windmills here, solar panels there and test site computer servers far as the eye can see.

Forgive me if I'm a bit cynical. "Visionaries," led by Harry Reid, have been promising to diversify the state's economy for decades. How's that worked out you? Look around your piece of the sagebrush for the answer.

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