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Terry Barkhurst
Sept. 23, 2010

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Wendor, If you get to use "worst case scenario". Why use a holster at all? Why even use a gun period? After all, one officer said he didn't see a gun until it was over. No. We will use the same rig, and in the same condition it was photographed on the ground at the scene by detectives (hammer forward). Now,I will let you chamber a round since we heard no testimony to the contrary.Remember, you've got 3-4 seconds....

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Wendor, I'm In!!! I'll meet you at American Shooters Supply and Gun Club? I live just down the street so let me know when it's good for you? I just happen to have the Uncle Mikes Sidekick and a Kimber CDP 2 compact. Now remember, its a 1911 style 45. you have to "prep it to fire"(single action) and you'll need to do that with one hand. BTW out of the 20 plus friends who have tried the same feat... the holster falls to the ground(100% of the time) the moment you cock it.Long before you can get your hand around the grip safety. Just sayin.....

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Hello everyone. There seems to be a little bit of confusion regarding the inquest proceedings. So, I'm going to try to offer a little bit of insight for the folks that would like to see it changed.
The inquest procedure works just like it is supposed to. The key here is the word "imminent". All officers are trained to use deadly force if they feel the individual poses an imminent threat to to anyone,including themselves. That's right, you can be shot for threatening to shoot yourself. A few people have brought up the seventeen year old murder suspect who was shot in the back while handcuffed. As stated in that inquest, the officer believed that the suspect posed an "imminent" threat to the public. The 5'1"ice cream lady with a pairing knife posed an "imminent" threat to 9 Henderson police officers resulting in her being shot.
My point is that if you want something changed, it would be the "policy" of when Metro is to use lethal force. As long as officers are taught to use lethal force to neutralize an "imminent" threat,you can't fault them for doing as they are told. Even one of the officers that shot Mr.Scott testified he would have been in trouble with his supervisors if he had used any thing else. Just like they can change the policy of when to write a seat belt ticket, they can change the policy of when to use lethal force.

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Hello everyone. I thought I would take a minute to try to help clarify the details regarding taking prescription medication and exercising your 2nd amendment. This should also help answer the question a couple of posts back about police officers on duty taking prescribed pain killers. Anyway, here goes...
We all remember the graphs on the first day of the inquest showing the lethal amounts of medication in Mr.Scotts system compared to that of a normal person of same size and stature? This actually is quit common for patients who have been in a pain management program for an extended period of time. What we didn't hear however was any testimony that Mr.Scott had more than his prescribed amount in his system. This is very important because the law is very clear here. The reason we never heard the DA say directly Mr. Scott was under the influence was because he wasn't according to the law.
Just to be clear... if you... Joe Citizen open carry/CCW... or Officer Jones, are prescribed 20mg oxycontin 4 times a day and as long as you are not taking more than the prescribed dosage you may carry your handgun or duty weapon without fear of prosecution. This is why in NV. there are the separate charges of DUI and DWI. I'm not taking sides here really as much as I'm trying to help the people who might think that any and all armed individuals (law enforcement included) are outlaws simply because they are in a maintenance program.

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After watching the inquest for the past 3 days it's painfully obvious that Mr.Scott made some really bad judgment calls leading up to his death. The whole point of a CCW is not so much to hide your weapon from a would be attacker as it is to keep from instilling fear in the public. His biggest mistake was loosing his temper. Cooler heads will always prevail. That being said, I understand how a high pressure situation that calls for a split second reaction could lead to someone being shot 7 a citizen. I would expect more restraint from a law enforcement officer who is trained to expect the worst from even the most simple traffic stop (never let your guard down). I can assure you that if you shoot an armed intruder in your home twice in the chest and then two other family members shoot the same person five times in the back, you'll be facing more than a fact finding inquest.

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