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February 24, 2017

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Oct. 31, 2009

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Come on, you know when a Dr. Is a Drug Dealer. Usually by their waiting room ( as you stated). People complain about Drs. & even blame them for their addiction, but they know when they are taking 5 or 6 Lortabs instead of 1 that they aren't supposed to be. And they know the Dr should be calling them on running out early. So, patients have their part in it, also. As for Danny Gans, no one is a saint, Christian or not. But, apparently, the law says we have to respect he & his family's privacy *shrug*
As for Mr. Ms. Spellcheck up there, with the invent of iPhones & such (I am typing on an iPhone now) keyboards have changed & typos have increased, a lot! I noticed several of your spelling errors were probably typos. As for the grammer, it's horrid.

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