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Nov. 7, 2012

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" Vernos,

...And you are a left-wing socialist. Here is a collection of your comments concerning capitalism:

"Just gotta love "capitalism" and the way we treat our vets"

You "capitalists" have it arse backwards, caving "to a communist third world nation for a few greenbacks, while placing our own out on the streets to go hungry."

"For those of you who still insist we operate under "capitalism" pay attention to China. American companies have sold their souls to the communist Chinese."

"Does capitalism trump your hostility towards Iran?"

"Excuse me, time for another dig. CAPITALISM out weighs border control."

"Is that what CAPITALISM is all about? Make sure Americans can't find employment? Just a little dig at those defending a corrupt and broken system."

"Capitalism:doing business with communists countries bypassing restrictions on enemies such as Iranselling WMD's to Saddam Hussein putting puppet dictators in power ... The Shah, Egypt, Syria, etc., etc., etc."

"Want to stop illegals from crossing over? Fine the crap out of the companies hiring them. Why aren't they being punished? Oh yeah, it's call capitalism."

"Eventually all of us will get screwed including those supporting capitalism. That system no longeris valid because corporatocracy has replaced it. We've reached a point similar to the guilded age of robber barons in the late 1880's."

Vernos, we've heard your ant-capitalist/anti-wealth theme in your comments before. You prefer that Americans live without an incentive to work hard. We get it. You rail against the TEA party and have taken the Occupy oath to oppose capitalism at every turn. I believe many support the basic values of the TEA party much more than the radical left-wing Occupygroup who are mainly socialists and anarchists that got thrown out of nearly every city in the nation. I wonderwhy the main stream media dropped covering the OWS movement like a rock?"

(Suggest removal) 11/16/12 at 5:52 p.m.

" "When Obama resigns after impeachment, will Hillary be the Vice President ready to take over?"

Exactly what planet are you living on, and when did Hillary become Vice President? Gadds ... another post from Bizzaro World." Vernos


".. The extreme Partisanship we are seeing is coming from the top to the lowest levels. But there is a strong powerat worktobreakthis extreme partisanship. It will not be broken by political means. No, congress is not going to do it. Balancing the budget is not going to it. The example of strength in character, conviction, doing what is right in face of personal attack, personal attacks from invited guest who have a major role and position on our national airwave. The example is being set. The example is being seen by young Americans. New leaders are following the example right now! The example is the President. Our President, Barack Obama.

A clear minded person would call PresidentObama an independent. This President is truly working for all Americans. You can say the President has created another party,... you can call it, The Party of the Reasonable. Doing what is right for all people. Or whatever label best fits the President's strength and reasonable approach to solutions and courage in the face of attacks..."Longtimevegan

I think we have to forgive roslenda; I think someone sold her "spice" or "bathsalts" instead of normal wackyweed!

That said, I DO predict Hillary will be the next Prez ; America 's 1st (gay) female.

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" forgot the main one: Parade around and complain bitterly that old white men no longer get their way on everything [100.00%]"wharfrat
" I concur with Mr. Blanner that the candidates he mentions were a detriment to the GOP. But I would not classify them as TEA Party candidates as much as I would call them members of the religious right. Religious dogma should have no part in the legislative process, and those candidates demonstrated all too well why I say that and deserved to lose.

That being said, I submit that there is little, if any, difference between religious dogma and political ideology. Relying upon either of those instead of critical thought to guide one's choice in the voting booth is the act of an intellectual coward."boftx
" we need to expand mental healthcare coverage for the teapotties under Obamacare" mred
" The so called "The tea Party" They were created to disrupt the democrats intownmeetingandontheirwayto an re-election. The Frankenstein monster was given birth and they were told they were the chosen ones to take over the country. Then with all this power the extreme element of these unprofessional people that got a taste of power, At first the Republican Party was overtaken and they yielded to them and they started to eliminate anyone in the party that were not part and was so called "not to the right enough". At first the party gave in and the results cause the Republican Party to self destruct into a party that is so far right they fell of the screen. That frightens all of us! Now we have good people, republicans being told they are the chosen people of America and on Nov 7 having to wake up to reality. These good people are still dumbfounded and confused. The republicans must now decide what and how to rebuild their party. I hope that the Frankenstein monster will come to the same end as in the movie."GHM

PERFECT! @->->

(Suggest removal) 11/16/12 at 11:13 a.m.

2 more points..brass, didn't ur mother ever tell u that just cos Susie's doing it doesn't mean u can, or, so, if ur friends all want to jump off a bridge u shouldtoo, yeah?

& the Mayans ...weren't they so smart they all ended up killing each other?

Faux news, huh?

(Suggest removal) 11/16/12 at 3:59 a.m.

Ummm ..can any of u commenters discuss how long the earth's been here, how long man has been making fires, when Industrialization began, AND THEN CAN U PLEASEEE try to spell GLOBAL WARMING? it's really not that difficult if u sound it out!

MAN HAS UPSET THE natural balance OF NATURE w his physical (warmth, cooked food) & capitalistic (chopping down massive forests, gasoline & Industrialized emmisions)desires.
NOW, is that REALLY soooo hard TO DIGEST??!

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