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February 22, 2017

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Dec. 1, 2009

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I was addicted to playing Black Jack. Sometimes I would win thousands in less than an hour. Sometimes I would arrive to Vegas only to be broke within the hour. One time my car over heated so i went to the Golden Nugget to let it cool down and lost $7,000 in 30min. Another time I was at the Bellagio and after 8 hours of play i was up $5,000. 4am rolled around and they took their $5,000 back and took $11,000 of mine. I got reported to the IRS that night for losing so much. I still didn't learn. I kept going back for a couple more years. I just BARELY learned that Vegas didn't get all flashy by letting people win. So now the only time i will gamble is Baseball and Football. Thats really the only chance a person has at winning in this town. Lucky for me i have a wife who cares and two beautiful daughters that i adore. Thats really all i needed to quit. Others will gamble because they're lonely or bored or whatever. At the end of the night i would go hang over the balcony and seriously think about jumping just bcuz i was soooo mad at myself. I even asked the casino floor manager for a gun one time as i placed a $3000 bet on the table. Everyone at the table laughed but the manager said THATS NOT FUNNY

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