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February 22, 2017

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June 22, 2011

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As my being a Latina independent, I'm now on the fence after our Presidents dismal performance on Univision. So Mr. Reid, you still say Mr. Romney is a tax cheat. I would like some semblance of verification of yours and others perspective here so I can do my own investigation. If the IRS or Pricewaterhouse saw anything out of the ordinary in these filings it would seem to me that an investigation would be demanded immediately. It seems with your conviction you will now demand an investigation and I would say it can't come too soon. In the meantime please source or have sourced the material you're basing your statements on. I now need to continue my discovery after this Univision interview, or are you forwarding this type of response just because? Thanks in advance.

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This also shows me Mormon's are Mormon's first and American's second so sorry about this one Mitt, your off my radar as well.

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With all due respect Mr. Huntsman, you seem like a very knowledgeable and compassionate individual that is sorely lacking with this current administration. However, rest assured that with most independents and republicans, any republican such as yourself allows being subject to the MSM freak show attempt at reverse psychology in selecting you or as some say you being Obama's worst nightmare in the General is an insulting joke. If you think the endorsement of MSNBC, Harry Reid et al., helps you in this campaign with a center left moderate independent like me then please allow me to be blunt. Save the money Honey.

Also to Lynn Johnson; I voted for Obama, Obama lied to me; hence Obama will not get my vote again. You are still in denial as to the socio-political realties here Lynn. Let me help you out here if I may because as a 5th generation democrat, my family has just navigated through the metamorphoses of re-registering independent. We have come to terms by way of Obama's complete and unequivocal failure as our leader coupled with not one promise coming to pass that my happiness is directly predicated upon my ability to adapt to living my life under the light of a conservative moon because it is going to happen and after the last two years of Obama I embrace it. Bush was a slow motion car crash; Obama is multiple slow motion car crashes. So please don't make me, one who campaigned for three years to make Obama happen, laugh as my lips are chapped.

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