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Oct. 14, 2011

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and just so we are all in understanding here, it is not an act of hazing according to CCSD website and the Western student athlete handbook that is handed out to every player. All kids involved even the one that turned everyone in is on the football team and here are the definitions of hazing for ya'll:

Page 16 of the handbook:

Hazing is defined as any verbal or physical act that intimidates, degrades, disgraces, or injures any student; or forces someone to do ridiculous acts or suffer physical or emotional pain as an initiation to a group or program.

CCSD websites definition:

HAZING An activity in which a person intentionally or recklessly endangers the physical health of another person for the
purpose of initiation into or affiliation with a student organization, academic association, or athletic team of a school.

So unless they are going to change the rules this was not hazing because there was no initiation or affiliation into any group, team or organization.

And I may not have a student that goes to western, but I do have friends whos kids do go there and I will be at western Monday morning to make sure that these kids do have someone standing up for them.

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