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Nov. 17, 2008

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Maybe Chace can put in a good word for us to Gordon, just as Willis did for Jasper, Shaw did for Stanback, etc. True, Gordon had a good time at UNM, but who wants to live in NM..we are a big time program, and although this game won't have the excitement of a Louisville game, we still need to show him what UNLV is all about!

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I have come to the conclusion that rose1414 is actually sufferin's other account.

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just got back from the was a dreadful to watch at times, but our man tre'von took over. my favorite part is when we were up 1 pt with less than 30 sec. left and their point guard was running out the clock before making a move...and tre'von just pounded the floor with his hands while guarding their point guard, almost like saying, "do something!"...then we had the stop..matt shaw comes through and the wife and kids got to do the rebel chant amongst the many disappointed fans. nice!

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im here in the bay area visiting family and even better, waiting for the game to start. My wife then asks me why am I searching for something for your links when I need to get the kids ready to get to the game..and she is grayback, do you thing..and i will do mines...its all about the rebels anyway.

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well I don't have endless hours talking trash to other bball fans online, so here is only one page of your countless work..

that being said, you do as you will. I just think conversing with people by calling them names doesn't make you own them....but thats just my opinion and you have yours.

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