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February 20, 2017

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July 23, 2009

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Okay, so then all of you who think that this is a bogus lawsuit, how do you defend an employer who knows that SHS can cause cancer who passes out free smokes to their players at the tables so they can light up and blow the toxins in the employees faces? Not to mention that the only area on the entire property that a customer can smoke is on the gaming floor? Not to mention that the employees who must endure the cigar and cigarette smoke who maybe smoke themselves must walk outside to partake in their habit if they want to have a smoke? It's okay for the casino to provide free smokes to the customers, but it's not okay for the employees to openly smoke themselves when on break? The firefighter argument is the dumbest...what if the fire department was setting the fires and forcing the firefighters to go into harms way 24 hours a day? They wouldn't be liable? Well, that is what the casino operators are doing. Also, there is a device out there that helps control the SHS on tables, it's called an Air-Rac, but the casinos refuse to provide the protection because of "cost". They are not doing all they can do to make the work environment "safe and healthy" as required by OSHA. There is only one place that people can smoke in public in a building in Nevada...casinos. I guess casino workers lives are expendable?

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