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March 20, 2009

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Finally! Some positive comments about the cops for once. After the article regarding the hookers I was sick and tired of all the "waste of tax payers money and tax-legailze it" crap!

Did you naysayers not READ the article? Where are the "non-violent" pimps?...if you took the time to actually get past the pictures (bummer it wasn't in cartoon form so some of you could get through the entire thing)'d have picked up on how violent these dead-beats are! Just how many of the runaways and victims of abusive homes that end up on our streets have the savvy to refuse what is first seen as a helping hand?
Do some research..the control and mind-bending starts early and what starts off as a welcome turns into a nightmare soon enough. If a person has been deprived of even the meagerest of love and attention they will glom onto the first overt act of kindness thrown their way. This is often how the "hook" is set.
They are then oftentimes "jumped" into the family...similar to a gang initiation w/the beatings augmented w/multiple rapes.Much like the military the new girl is stripped of all previous sense of "self" and recreated by the pimp!
BTW, all proceeds obtained by Vice revert to the school system....change your mind a bit??

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