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Nov. 6, 2009

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Why is it that every athlete that does well becomes a suspect for steroid use? He doesn`t look like a guy that is on steroids any more than Mayweather does. I dont see anyone saying Mayweather is on roids, and hes had arguably the best boxing career ever. If you have seen Manny`s career progress then you know he was a fighter that started with raw talent. I look at Manny as a polar opposite of Tyson. Both with great raw talent. Manny chose to go with a trainer that complemented him and Mike did not.

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Your comments about the Chinese working on Union projects is completely inaccurate. You obviously dont know how the unions operate and should not comment. ALL labor on City Center and Fontainebleau were certified union members, no matter which subcontractor.

Zetian Systems does in fact supply American job sites with Chinese material. ZGlass, a Las Vegas based company, has done the exterior curtain wall installation to date and is signatory with the local glazing union.

For years the United States has outsourced material and goods from around the world. From the shoes on your feet to the gas in your cars tank. IMO this issue is old news and unfortunately will never change.

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