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February 24, 2017

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Dec. 24, 2012

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Private, for profit hospitals: a great model for enriching shareholders, equipment suppliers, doctors and pharmaceuticals. The rest of us are on our own. And for the racist fools who keep blaming immigrants for hospital problems, I call on hospitals to end this disgrace and finally admit their financial troubles are partially caused by non-payment by underinsured or impoverished citizens. Anyone who knows anything about hospitals knows the percentage of collections they farm off and the ridiculously pathetic contracts they negotiate with these agencies which take their money and then only recover pennies on the dollar. It's not immigration, it's crappy senior management, but you'll never know that because despite the service they provide to the community, as a private entity, they are unaccountable...yet they happily apply for that Gov't funding, don't they.

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Here are three questions: Why is it I have to show my license when buying a can of spraypaint, but not 100 rounds of ammunition? Why is it my license gets run through the register when I buy Children's Tylenol, but not when I buy 50 rounds of semi-auto ammo for my Kel-Tec? Why is it some states don't allow me to send wine as a gift through the internet, but I can buy unlimited rounds of ammunition? There is a constitutional right to bear arms and I do. The constitution says nothing about ammunition. The solution starts there.

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