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February 23, 2017

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May 10, 2013

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$13.6 Million and will grow exponentially to even more with "unforeseen" change orders and structural issues...and you can rest assure not one thin dime will go back into the community for a "Historic West Las Vegas" job seeker wanting to work on this project.
A grocery store, gas station, retail spaces and drive thru restaurant could have been built in the same location to assist the good, hard-working residents who live there or those that attend the many churches in the area - for the same funding.
Is having to travel less than three blocks either way (at D or H streets) to have access to F and Bonanza, yet still traveling twenty or more blocks to get to any of the desperately needed formentioned goods and services really worth celebrating? Well, lets hope those community leaders will at least get to keep the gold painted shovels.

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