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Aug. 31, 2009

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~*Just another thing my small town needs coming into it. US60 becoming part of I~11 Las Vegas to Phoenix.

US60 runs right thru the middle of Wittmann to Phoenix.

The elementary school is on 1 side and these kids homes are on the other side of this road.

So when 1 of the 10+ or so kids that WALKS home from school, because they dont bus them home now, is crossing this FUTURE FREEWAY gets hit ~ Then What?

We were here 1st. No one asks us (the 2700+ people that live IN Wittmann) ~ about anything before they do it. We dont get to vote on it. We just get it all shoved down our throats.
Our regional manager ~ I guess he'd be a small town mayor, never comes to us w/ this stuff!

As for where this freeway would intersect the road from the school, there is 1 light ~ the ONLY light in our town.

Everyone and their Mother RUNS that light almost every 22 mins during the day and even in less time at night.

Ive almost been hit a few times on mornings when my kids miss the bus and I take them to school.

The last thing we want to see is 1 of those pedestrian bridges in our town. We're trying to clean it up, not make it look worse.

This is the last thing we need right now. We're already fighting a Huge railyard that BNSF is putting in here in our town.

Our previous Governor slid this under the table and made the deal. And it's going in kitty~korner to this same elementary school I mentioned above.

So this huge railyard is going to affect that same intersectin as well.

Let me guess, they're going to tear up this area of US60 like they did in town. Where the rail tracks are above ground the the Interstate runs underground in a tunnel.
And we'll just have to deal w/ it right??

Cant they just dump this bad idea into the Carefree Hwy (AZ State Route 74)???

Thinking someone should be contacting people who live in Wittmann about this BEFORE making a deal w/ the State of Arizona!!

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