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July 17, 2010

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Large solar is about 15 c/kWh without subsidies. 10,000 MW are going in worldwide this year. Costs are dropping about 5%-10% per year. There is no such thing as clean coal.

But there is plenty of burning coal as usual under the smokescreen of "clean coal."

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The reason the Feds back the green business is they want the social results implied by them.

Now it is also true that the US voters have a mixed record about such things - most express strong support for reducing CO2 and for gaining some vestige of energy self-sufficiency. But there is also a set of voters who either don't want these things or have a different preference for how to do them.

So if solar from this standpoint doesn't motivate you, I can see why you would disagree.

Ken Zweibel
The GWU Solar Institute
Washington, DC!

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We are all making sacrifices to displace coal and eventually (once we have electric vehicles), oil. We are not doing this like the old land rush or black gold mentality. Because of that, we all must make sacrifices, whether in paying extra for electricity or for incentives to have solar or in letting solar use our public land to provide these social goods. These leases should be free, and neither the Feds nor the states or locals should ask for their pound of flesh from a shared responsibility we are all shouldering together.

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