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February 27, 2017

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Feb. 21, 2010

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According to Patrick_R_Gibbons, "Dr. Richard Vedder ... has found a strong correlation between higher ed spending and weak economic growth". He surely doesn't think the better the education in a state, the slower the state grows. It works the other way around: slow-growing states are preparing their kids to compete globally, most likely not in the slow-growing home states where they're educated.

So far, fast-growing Nevada has benefited from this--few of Nevada's scientists, university professors or casino executives were educated at the state's expense. Why shouldn't Nevada continue to free-ride at the expense of the rest of the nation? Why should Nevada subsidize the educations of those who'll leave once our growth has slowed and opportunities are few? For one thing, Nevada's kids are our kids. But if you don't care about "our" kids, think of your property values and business prospects. Growth may slow but it won't stop. And the quality of the change and growth that occurs depends on the state's educational infrastructure, K-16+. If you don't want to repel Nevada's present and prospective residents who can move our economy ahead, you had better not trash--you had better strengthen--education in the state.

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